While we're proud that many of the goats we raise have Kensing Spanish ancestry, we don't believe that superior genetics should be overlooked because of our sentimentality. If there's a better goat out there, we  want to add them to our herd! This was the philosophy which founded the  Main Post Oak Line. The goats in this line are the result of breeding  the very best bucks we could find to the hardiest does on our ranch.
The product is a carefully crafted mixture of unwavering parasite  resistance, dedicated mothering, and large body size. Goats from this  line benefit from the strongest genetics combined with the strictest breeding program we've ever run. They have larger frames than the  Spanish, better mothering than the Kikos, and better resistance to  parasites than anything we've seen. The main *Post Oak Line* truly combines the best of all worlds and we're excited to see where it goes  next.